Deep, Deep Love


Deep, deep love,from my heart,Maitreya,Heart of Earth. From Cosmos, from my soul, united with Earth heart. From Mothers of Light, in whose hearts I dwell. From humanity, in whose care I manifest. Care for Earth, for life. Naught else evokes love, deep, deep love. The love that creates change, that inspires grace, that uplifts eyes, […]

Flow with the Wave of Love

Earth in a rainbow

Be swept up in the wave of love. Allow yourself … Surrender, it is life’s force and flow, magnified in this time of great change. Love, the wave of change – for love does not belong to the forms or consciousness of the past, it is always moving towards the future. Full of, and radiant […]

The Angels Bring Love

angel spreading light

Angels move the energy of love around our world, imbuing all life with that grace. They hold the love, become the love in the wholeness and vibration of their being, and then everything they touch can be infused with that love. For angels are beings of flow – and the flow descends. Love enfolds and […]

Love and the Great Change


In Mother’s arms, the stars shine brighter,the dawn rises sooner,the light enfolds more fully. Mother is Earth, is life. Father is Spirit, is light. Life and light create heart – the centre of all existence; whether personal heart, angelic heart embracing creatures and nature, national heart or global heart. The unfolding love of our universe […]

Love Gives Hope

golden light

Hold my Earth in love; that is hope. Hold your fellow beings in love; that is hope. Love heals all, in soul. Pain – yes. Grief – yes. Hunger – yes. All sufferings are here in our world, but soul can lift the consciousness out of the darkness and despair- soul infused with love; then […]

Sit in the Garden of My Love

garden of light

Sit in my garden, the garden of souls. All the beauty and splendour of lives lived and living, experiences gained, wisdom evolved, and love – love shining. For love is the light that illumines all. The light that shows the inner worlds to the seeker, that shows the narrow path to the disciple and that […]

Through the Rosy Glow

Rest easy, rainbow-hearted ones. Take your journey through my rainbow glow, my nourishing heart, my enfolding embrace… and through the veils of time, intuition and grace – see! See the journey ahead, full of light and love. See the world of Earth, radiant and full of grace. See the inner worlds, and their nourishing presence. […]

Seek Love and Choose

Soul … soul is love. But like a child, a young soul loves in starts and stops, in open joy and careful consideration, as other influences take the attention. The journey of consciousness is two-fold: the awakening of personal capacity to be love, in the consciousness sense of the word, not the partnership or sensual […]

Be Love, the Note of Evolution

be love

Love, in waves, from the pulse of my heart. Love… the cause, the reason for all life, the challenge to evolve, the push to change, the guide to follow, the challenger of the darkness. Darkness is only that yet to evolve. What is it to evolve? It is to bring all matter of your being […]

What Is Love, Soul and Heart?

What is it to love? To be a soul on Earth? For soul is love, even if a young soul … but what is soul really, in this age of conscious change? Soul is the human vehicle of love within the Earth sphere. Humanity is the essential consciousness to create a planet of loving presence. […]

Crystalline Consciousness and Love


I am conscious, therefore I love. I love, but I am not necessarily conscious. Consciousness is a built structure, like a crystal, built of light, joining experiences, learning, wisdom, into a network of insight, compassion and depth of being. Consciousness can be on many levels. Someone may have a developed soul with much consciousness, but […]