Through Heart to the Ocean of Love

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How shall the heart express, but through the nuance and nudge of inner wisdom? Your heart is your place of wisdom. Mind cannot be wise, for mind knows. But knowing isn’t enough to walk a path of heart. It isn’t enough to enable discernment of that which is of value to your soul journey or […]

Clear Old Frameworks of Consciousness


When you are willing, you are of heart. Willing to put aside your over-active mental analysis that wants to answer why and how. Willingness to still the over-imaginative emotional body that too easily conflates, exaggerates, manipulates (even without intending to do so) the substance infusing its place and space in your consciousness. We are beings […]

Finding the Flowing Consciousness of Heart

heart stream

A flowing consciousness is easily grasped by an angelic being, for they are built of flow; their whole being aligns with flow. They exist to receive flow from the higher devic being within whose flow they work, and then qualify and give out the flow they have responsibility to distribute. This is devic consciousness, from […]

Certainty, Clarity, Conviction on Your Path


You cannot understand the Laws of the Heart until you understand the flow of consciousness. You cannot understand the flow of consciousness until mind and feelings yield their attachment to what was, and let go in the new reality of the world that is to be. That world that is held in heart’s promise, hope’s […]

Consciousness – Doorway and Edge


Consciousness … is what? A mix. A mix of identity and certainty, at the edge of the unknown. The known and the unknown, yet within the self, that sense that the unknown is familiar … somehow seen, known, felt, understood before. This is because consciousness is the bridge between worlds, and as you open the […]

Care and Intention Open the Heart Path

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Step by step upon the Earth the light awakens in your heart. So it is when you walk with intent, attunement, alignment, hope, yearning for peace … on whatever journey your inner force draws you to, with whatever emotional engagement and thoughtful mindset. Just add one component, the Earth, and you shall awaken your heart […]

To Understand the Law

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If you want to understand the Law, you have to want to evolve. For most of humanity, this is neither possible, nor needed. Most of humanity is young in soul. The path of development is in the milieu of their family, race, nation, and the Earth as a whole. These are the vehicles for humanity’s […]

Nations Call, Heart Choice is Needed

Nations call to the hungry-hearted ones. Hungry for peace, for care, for equality, for justice. Yet the evil-hearted ones cling to the old structures that manifest control of the mind over heart, feelings of selfish focus over global care. National devas hold and radiate the call, day by day, pulse by pulse. Can the heart’s […]

Walk the Temple Path of Earth

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Softly, softly I walk through my temple hallsCorridors of silenceTemple rooms of illuminationHavens of healingCathedrals of heavenly presence. Floorboards worn by a thousand inner years of gentle footsteps, quietly, intentfully, unyieldingly, stepping forward to learn, to grow, to witness, to become. This the path of the disciple of light, seeking ever the meaning of heart, […]

In the Quiet Temple Halls, the Future

In the silent temple halls I walk. My mind in the world of wisdom. My heart in the world of care. My being in the world of Sirian-Solar-Earthly alignment. My mission to lay bare what has been, to see what is to be, in the future of the new wisdom, the new love, the new […]

The Law and the Path of Consciousness

heart streams

I am the Law the Law that loves that crucifies that reveals truth that hides secrets that awakens consciousness that illuminates the Path. I am that Law for I am of Earth and Cosmos, and that bridge is the Law that binds both to a co-evolutionary journey:  as one evolves so must the other, and […]

Devas, Flow, and Consciousness of Heart

angels from cosmos

I come, fire of nations, breath of nature, flow of cosmos, heartbeat of evolution. Deva Queen am I, Queen of life, for life needs flow, and I am that flow for nations, oceans, races, species. Flow of fire, water, air, earth. Flow of that which is consciousness, for only what is conscious can move between […]

Looking Through Earth’s Glass

Earth in a rainbow

I look through the clear glass of emotional intent. The substance of human choice, for it manifests like matter for those of the Cosmic sphere, where all of Earth’s being – emotional, physical and mental – is but the densest matter within which we can work. So, the emotional intentions and choices become the matter […]

Your Soul’s Touch in the Great Choice

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In the need of the hour comes the choice – for at this moment soul and personal dharmas coincide, and deep lasting choice can be made. The choice to align and surrender, with determination, to the light and driving force of soul and evolutionary intent. Or the choice to retreat to the small vehicle of […]

Violet Fire for Change Interwoven in Earth

I, in violet flames, descend, for transformation must occur. So much of Earth’s darkness, largely buried there in emotional and physical realms through humanity’s past, is now expressing – oozing out if you like. For Earth can hold it no more, and the globalised healing crisis ensues. Humanity, ever the purveyor of conscious change, whether […]