Intuition, Impression and Consciousness


Intuition is a discernment of finer vibrations. It does need to be differentiated from impression – which is when the substance of your inner consciousness, learned and developed over lifetimes, resonates with an internal or external vibration of the same, or similar-enough, vibration to your own. This interaction will give impressions, and may trigger more […]

Colours and Consciousness

sunrise lake

Colour is an expression of light, created by different vibrations. There is colour in everything with vibration – which is all the matter (and substance) of Earth, of consciousness, of soul, of spirit. You see it with different organs – your inner eye, your feeling self, your knowing self, your conscious self. Why have colour? […]

Consciousness and Renewal


When you renew, you change your consciousness. You reconfigure the patterns, for all consciousness involves patterns – that is how we, and most life-forms with consciousness, learn. We build patterns. That is why the forms we live in matter so much: patterns are forms, built in the substance of the level of consciousness they affect. […]

Developing Consciousness

heart vibe

As my golden light fills the Earth, I am here. I am consciousness: the capacity of matter to know itself, on every level. To know is to see, to feel, to witness, to experience. It takes senses – that is what takes time to develop. Matter can know itself inherently – else how should matter […]