Deep, Deep Love


Deep, deep love,from my heart,Maitreya,Heart of Earth. From Cosmos, from my soul, united with Earth heart. From Mothers of Light, in whose hearts I dwell. From humanity, in whose care I manifest. Care for Earth, for life. Naught else evokes love, deep, deep love. The love that creates change, that inspires grace, that uplifts eyes, […]

Becoming Global Heart

radiant heart

In the deep stillness of the heart, a raging torrent flows. Then utter stillness again. This is heart, held by Mothers of Light, heart of Earth – the deepest place of sanctuary in our world. Yet the raging torrent does not feel like a place of sanctuary, until you surrender to it. You see, to […]

Wesak, Choice and Conscious Evolution

golden wesak hearts

In the golden light of Wesak, the Buddhas transition from holding Earth’s evolution, to holding humanity. Just for these few days, around this profound time of illuminating light. Buddha Gautama walked Earth to show the Buddha way – the path of contemplation, reflection and harmlessness. But in this physical life he also incarnated this path […]

Evolving Consciousness in Love


In the deep penetrating light of love, everything changes. That is why it is both uplifting, and destroying. It is uplifting when you are taken into the loving embrace of love as a presence, whether through a partner, family, close friends, or from a higher presence. It is destroying when it lifts you into a […]

Love and Change the World

radiant heart

When you activate your heart, you are adding to the heart radiance of Earth. When you see the Earth with love in your eyes, you create love in her being. When you act with graciousness and care, you magnify the light around you – and in the Earth. We all hold a little of the […]

The Angels of Comfort Descend

angels from cosmos

Gentle angels, in our millions … we are returning to help. Earth called, for many are to leave. Many are to be renewed. Many are to rise into the light. Many are to become beings of light. We have returned in our millions. Angels of white and gold, blue like the sky, rose like the […]

Humans & Angels Co-Create Love


When angels and humans meet in mind, creativity ensues. When angels and humans meet in heart, then it is love that unfolds. For love that inspires – that evolves life to a higher consciousness, that embraces all life in the journey of light – that love is a flow and a presence. Angels create flow, […]

Flow with the Wave of Love

Earth in a rainbow

Be swept up in the wave of love. Allow yourself … Surrender, it is life’s force and flow, magnified in this time of great change. Love, the wave of change – for love does not belong to the forms or consciousness of the past, it is always moving towards the future. Full of, and radiant […]

Mothers of Light Bring Love

earth sunrays

In the crystals of consciousness I take form. Oneness of heart. Through the points of light in every heart, I reach Earth. In unfolding consciousness, I become. I am Mother, nourisher of the little ones – the small sparks of light in our world, the hopeful ones, the needy ones, the strident ones, the caring […]

The Angels Bring Love

angel spreading light

Angels move the energy of love around our world, imbuing all life with that grace. They hold the love, become the love in the wholeness and vibration of their being, and then everything they touch can be infused with that love. For angels are beings of flow – and the flow descends. Love enfolds and […]

Love and the Great Change


In Mother’s arms, the stars shine brighter,the dawn rises sooner,the light enfolds more fully. Mother is Earth, is life. Father is Spirit, is light. Life and light create heart – the centre of all existence; whether personal heart, angelic heart embracing creatures and nature, national heart or global heart. The unfolding love of our universe […]

Love Gives Hope

golden light

Hold my Earth in love; that is hope. Hold your fellow beings in love; that is hope. Love heals all, in soul. Pain – yes. Grief – yes. Hunger – yes. All sufferings are here in our world, but soul can lift the consciousness out of the darkness and despair- soul infused with love; then […]

Love in Relationship with Earth

Love Earth

To love, like a star to a star, a flower to a bee, inextricably bound together in life’s journey, unfolding consciousness together. Souls love and join in deep and lasting bonds for the soul journey. Life calls for those bonds to be made with Earth. Love her, like your dearest friend, your loving partner, your […]

Living, Sparkling Hope

heart flames

Hope is the touch of light into your heart, touched by angels – they are the givers of hope. Humanity needs to become the holder of hope for Earth life – for nature. Angels touch and hold nature, but cannot against a human force that denies my nature’s livingness and essential presence. Nature is the […]

What Is It to Feel Love?

cosmos sunburst

What is it to feel love? The love of unfoldment of consciousness, the love of soul. The love of I to you, of teacher to pupil, of Master to chela, of disciple to their path, of hope to the Earth. All bound into oneness on the journey through love. The love you feel deep in […]