Developing Heart Consciousness Today


How can you go deeply into your heart when the vibration of your mind does not support that? Even if not rigidified through old patterns of thought and personal control, just the sheer difference of vibration between mind and heart is hard to straddle in your consciousness. Yet that is the path of human evolution […]

Unfolding to Heart Consciousness


Development of consciousness requires boundaries – else there is nothing to define self and the rest of the world. In time, as with those beings of great heart and consciousness, you may encompass the world, but on the journey it is essential to have your own little world to explore. That doesn’t mean your world […]

Love Earth to Nourish Your Heart

Love Earth

See the Earth with discerning eyes. Really see – see past the needs of your personal life, for your needs can only ultimately be met in relationship with Earth. To seek the fulfilment of needs without the reciprocity of a knowing, understanding relationship will destroy both. We see much of this today. People relate to […]

Intuition, Impression and Consciousness


Intuition is a discernment of finer vibrations. It does need to be differentiated from impression – which is when the substance of your inner consciousness, learned and developed over lifetimes, resonates with an internal or external vibration of the same, or similar-enough, vibration to your own. This interaction will give impressions, and may trigger more […]

Colours and Consciousness

sunrise lake

Colour is an expression of light, created by different vibrations. There is colour in everything with vibration – which is all the matter (and substance) of Earth, of consciousness, of soul, of spirit. You see it with different organs – your inner eye, your feeling self, your knowing self, your conscious self. Why have colour? […]

Matter, Light and Consciousness


In the development of consciousness, matter and light are essential. That is why Earth is such a unique place in our universe; for it is possible to develop consciousness into the deepest level of matter. Matter is light in its densest vibration; at least it can be, when the harmonics of consciousness can reverberate through […]

Developing Consciousness

heart vibe

As my golden light fills the Earth, I am here. I am consciousness: the capacity of matter to know itself, on every level. To know is to see, to feel, to witness, to experience. It takes senses – that is what takes time to develop. Matter can know itself inherently – else how should matter […]

Love and Change the World

radiant heart

When you activate your heart, you are adding to the heart radiance of Earth. When you see the Earth with love in your eyes, you create love in her being. When you act with graciousness and care, you magnify the light around you – and in the Earth. We all hold a little of the […]

Renewal on the Way of the Heart

heart rainbow

To renew, you must walk a path of heart. To walk the path of heart, you must renew. The first step? Your choice. Choice of heart – the one that motivates and aligns your being with the wholeness of the step forward. Not the choice made in feelings and wants, or in judgement and analysis […]

Humans & Angels Co-Create Love


When angels and humans meet in mind, creativity ensues. When angels and humans meet in heart, then it is love that unfolds. For love that inspires – that evolves life to a higher consciousness, that embraces all life in the journey of light – that love is a flow and a presence. Angels create flow, […]

Lift Your Heart’s Gaze to Hope!


When you deeply love the Earth, you become part of her being. You feel her joy and pain, but also her hope. For she has awakened a level of heart that enables hope to infuse her being, physically and emotionally. But hope, while such a nourishing embrace, also brings with it a great confrontation – […]

Love and the Great Change


In Mother’s arms, the stars shine brighter,the dawn rises sooner,the light enfolds more fully. Mother is Earth, is life. Father is Spirit, is light. Life and light create heart – the centre of all existence; whether personal heart, angelic heart embracing creatures and nature, national heart or global heart. The unfolding love of our universe […]

Hope from Heart


When you go into your heart, you go into another world. Then, how much do you live in that world, and how much in the outer physical world of your life on Earth? A life of sanctity takes you to the inner world, where you may live in that heart-world. An outer life needs both, […]

Mother of the Thousand Stars

radiant stars

Like a thousand stars I descend, Mother of Worlds, Birther of light into matter, Holder of Maitreya’s path to incarnation, Bearer of the lighted ones who journey his way, Awakener of the Mothers of Light, for whom birthing our new world is their joy and dharma. I descend like a thousand stars, holding within the […]