Mothers of Light Come to Nourish


Mothers. We are many. Mothers of wisdom, of light, of truth, of ceremony, of all of Earth. We have walked like all, through temples and churches, science and politics, education and creativity – nowhere on Earth have we not walked. Now, we come, for the descent of heart enables an influx of nourishment – food […]

Be Love, the Note of Evolution

be love

Love, in waves, from the pulse of my heart. Love… the cause, the reason for all life, the challenge to evolve, the push to change, the guide to follow, the challenger of the darkness. Darkness is only that yet to evolve. What is it to evolve? It is to bring all matter of your being […]

The Evolution of Love

evolution of love

The Evolution of Love underlies the massive changes we are seeing in all aspects of life on Earth. Hard to believe? Crazy you say? What is it anyway? Let me explain. This inevitable development of our human consciousness into universal love has been known for thousands of years. It is well-founded in the ancient wisdom […]