Start in Your Heart – Free

Start in your heart

Our free Start in Your Heart attunement is a guided meditation that will help you experience and deepen your awareness of heart. It is only 6 minutes long, something you can make time for in a busy day.

Access the free Heart Attunement download

To become more conscious of, and guided by your heart, you need to go there as often as you can. The more you go to your heart, and experience its presence within your being, the more you will awaken heart consciousness in your daily life, and bring that nourishing heart awareness into all you do.

Your heart is a real place within your being and consciousness. It is not the chakra, but the deep, inner anchor point of your soul within your being, a place of deep stillness and energised presence. It is your source of life-force, love and true intuition, where you align with and become part of the global change of consciousness that is happening in our world.

The Full Length Heart Attunement

If you would like to experience a longer and deeper reflection in your heart, you may like to download our full-length guided Deep Heart Attunement.

This Heart Attunement is adapted from the guidance to the door of the heart, developed by Shri Pauli, Ananda’s husband

How to Benefit from this Practice

Where: Find a place where you can sit comfortably and undisturbed so that your consciousness can take a journey to your deep place within.

Frequency: This practice exercises your consciousness, so we advise that you treat it just as you would a new physical exercise program – go slowly, with moderation and awareness, and gently build up your frequency and capacity over time. A daily meditation practice is good, but listen to your inner guidance and never force yourself. Balance is essential on a heart path.

Caution: It is essential that you do not listen to this meditation when you need to be very physically focussed, like when driving or doing any tasks that need your full attention. You will neither gain the benefit of the meditation, nor attend properly to the physical tasks.


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