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How to Discern With Conscience

[this is a transmission, not my personal writings]

Do you know the Earth? Do you know how she lives and breathes? Can you feel her heartbeat? Can you touch her soul? Can you be in her presence, in consciousness?

She is your home, your anchor of consciousness, the reason and opportunity for you to incarnate and learn, and give.

Give to her your reason for being here, and you receive back the embrace of love that is her great beingness, now incarnated into the world of matter and feeling.

The greatness of consciousness drawn to the illuminating presence of mind is no longer where the brightest light shines. Now, heart and soul hold the call, the vibration, the resonance that draws consciousness along the journey of evolvement – and that is a journey of Earth.

Now she holds more resonance of heart and soul. So she is the call to our heart and soul, and in hearing, seeing, feeling that call, we evolve. We travel forward on the ever-deepening and yet expanding journey of consciousness … but not without knowing Earth. Because the call comes through her, to build consciousness in alignment, we need to be able to perceive the milieu in which the call summons us.

Otherwise, how shall we discern? How can we learn of what we must become conscious?

There is a great and varied world of intentions, inputs, and interest from within our world, assembled and energised by human patterns, and from outside our world.

How do you discern what will guide you, inform you, nourish you on your path forward?

Get to know the milieu within which the call resonates!

If you want to walk a path of heart, and enable and empower a world of peaceful kindness and balanced relationship between all life and nature – that is the path.

If you are still captured by the intention of great minds, bring to it the presence of heart. Otherwise you risk entering a manufactured world constructed of thought matter, which can be built more on what could be done rather than what should be done. Ever the dilemma of those following this path.

Mind itself can never discern the ethics of thought. It is a builder, it can construct anything you seek. The personal ethics that guide and steer the substance of mind come from the soul, or the feelings (which can mirror soul), or from heart, or from all three in concert. Or perhaps they are imposed by national intention. But that in turn relies on national conscience, and as these challenging times continue, conscience is tested, both personally, and nationally.

So, go to your heart. Feel the Earth and strengthen your alignment with the true evolving call of nations and Earth herself. Use your heart to sense and discern, in this muddle of so much input, so much challenge, so much choice.

To Start in Your Heart…

Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This is a transmission. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.



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