Evolution of Love, Living Earth

Earth Connection and Mind

[this was written in conscious attunement]

In the flowing love that is life, evolution, nourishment, evocation of spirit – all things that we hope for and seek in human life – there is one further factor that is the enabler of all these expressions through us as humans, and that is the connectivity to Earth.

Yes, you are part of Earth because your being has been built of her substance. You may have brought some substance with you if you have developed different elements of consciousness on other spheres. But what you are built of does not inherently connect you to it. It is like being in the embrace of Mother:  as a child you may welcome that, sink into that, feel the nourishment, heartbeat and love given through that embrace; or, you may squirm and wriggle to be free, because your attention is elsewhere.

Earth is the Mother that embraces us, but how often do you perceive that embrace that enables life, let alone sink into it and let love wash over you? As humans we can connect to Earth in many ways, whether through awareness and consciousness, through physical touch, through spiritual understanding. But it is not just this connection that is needed. There is also a need to be in relationship with Earth for love to flow, whether yours to her, or hers to you. Without that love flowing, it is harder to live a sustained life of Earth and heart consciousness, which is where evolution is leading.

As stated often, we are here on Earth as part of an evolutionary journey with Earth, to create a planet of heart. This is not a mental exercise, or one achieved through emotional wishes, or physical actions. All these are good, but it is the relationship that truly enables spirit to flow, heart to prosper, life to unfold.

Indigenous peoples have understood the relationship with Earth, so much so that their personal selves have a more fluid boundary that enables them to be emotionally and mentally one with nature and Earth. They feel and think in concert with nature’s expression, particularly in the place on Earth where they have connected for generations. This is also why they, and nature, have so easily been ravaged and dominated by humans who do not have this perception, where consciousness is contained to the personal impulse, driven by self-interested  mental or emotional motivations.

As our evolutionary journey continues, we need neither one or the other, but a blend of each capacity in consciousness.

Much human evolution has been achieved by the containment of mental and emotional energy tightly around the personal self, disconnecting from nature. It has allowed great development of mind in particular. But then what?

Mind can so often be like the squirming child that will not accept Mother’s embrace, thinking it knows better, knows all, is invincible. But look at the mind-driven exploits of people, of nature, of animals, of our Earth:  where, because we can, we do, without conscience, certainly without consciousness of the greater whole of which we are a part.

Development of mind has always been one of risk, from an evolutionary perspective, yet it is essential on the pathway of becoming conscious, and ultimately becoming a heart-centred being living in cooperative creativity within the greater flow of evolutionary love that enfolds all.

Mind develops by analysis, problem solving, breaking challenges down into simple choices so decisions can be made. Here is where mind and heart can agree:  they both stimulate consciousness with the simple choices that are either yes or no, or that flow or do not flow.

The challenge is to merge these two levels of perception in our consciousness, so that they can align, and enable the flow of loving life force to infuse us, and what we do.

If mind has analysed, for example, a major life choice, and broken down all the reasons into the pros and cons, a certain decision can be reached, based on what mind can perceive. Let us say this was about a significant job or career change. Mind might evaluate factors such as money, time, further career opportunities, etc. Useful evaluations. But your heart will evaluate as to whether you can evolve, whether you can be nourished, whether you can be in your heart’s flow and contribute in that flow. In this age of unfolding heart consciousness, you need to listen to both.

Mind and mental analysis have been the pinnacle for so long in much of human society; this is a strong mould of beingness, and taking steps to break it is challenging. Yet it is so deeply dissatisfying if you hear the note of your heart sounding in your being, giving you that intuitive nudge, but you do not heed that, and exist only within the boundaries of known mind evaluations.

In the constructs of mind, you cannot feel Earth or be in relationship with her, because relationships need flow and connection, and mind does not do that. You may feel emotional connections to Earth, but being a fragmented human where part of you lives in analytical mind, part in emotional flow, is challenging in this evolutionary moment.

Learning from the oneness that indigenous people have with nature is valuable, where you may change your mental and emotional awareness to be both in alignment with the living Earth and her presence, and with your own flows and needs. But, as said before, in the Age of the Heart we shall need both the ability to use the separative, analytical mind, yet also the deep connection that comes from being in relationship with Mother Earth. This gives the nourishment and boundaries for our personal expression. This gives us the ultimate presence of conscience, so that no matter how analytically justifiable an action may be, it will always be tempered by the conscience that comes from heart, that exists because we know we are not isolated, but part of this great being of Earth, and have her care in our awareness.

This is the path of heart, the evolution of consciousness that lies ahead, and the journey of love that invites all to open to, and connect with our beautiful Earth and her worlds of living expression through nature.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.