About Ann


I am a seeker, teacher and author, steeped in the ancient tradition of western esoteric wisdom for over 40 years. My focus is on the path of heart consciousness and Earth healing, to give meaning to life’s journey and create positive change in our world.

I write to give hope, the hope that comes from gaining insight into the chaos in this changing world, and that strengthens your inner knowing and sense of purpose. Hope opens you to the consciousness of the heart, where you can find truth and meaning, and bring practical spiritual consciousness to your choices and actions. This is my purpose.

We are living in a time of great change because the certainties anchored in the knowledge, beliefs and achievements built in the past are dissolving or disrupting. They no longer hold our future, and the new reality is as yet insufficiently known or understood. We need to unfold more awareness, more consciousness so that we can not only find our own way, but can help create a positive future for Earth and all life.

my jacaranda

I started this life in 1958, and since early childhood I have sensed a deep and meaningful livingness beyond what I could perceive in the physical world. I have felt nurtured by a deep love for the Earth as a living being, and knew there was a bigger picture from which life was guided. This has called and guided me throughout life, and driven my search for how we can awaken our hearts, make sense of life, and keep this planet a beautiful place for all. I have never lost the wonder of this spiritual livingness, and strive to share the knowledge, meaning and insight I have found as I continue to walk on my path.

On my journey I have obtained a degree in science from Melbourne University. I have been a zookeeper, personal assistant, IT instructor, change manager, business process consultant, spiritual retreat manager and teacher, and I am a mother. I have experienced deep personal losses next to great opportunities; overwhelming financial and personal challenges and enlightening freedoms; enduring health difficulties and heart-felt support. In other words, life, like many; but always, my inner drive for meaning gave me hope.

The greatest light in my life was my spiritual teacher Ananda, a deeply loving and pragmatic woman with enormous spiritual wisdom. I recognised her the minute I heard her speak, and was blessed to have studied, trained and worked closely with her for several decades. Ananda taught practical divine wisdom and Earth healing, and continued awakening the ancient lineage of western esoteric tradition that started most notably through H.P. Blavatsky, A.A. Bailey and others over the last 140 years. This path of learning is not a doctrine, but presents the age-old wisdom in all its richness, tolerance and diversity, so that you can awaken in the way your path leads you, yet in the context of our responsibilities for our shared world. That is how the kaleidoscope of human gifts and love can express in our world, and create the positive change we so desperately need in all walks of life, in all places on Earth.

I have taught and lived in many places around Australia and internationally, but have now settled in country South Australia with my husband and very chatty cat. I write in the early morning stillness, enjoying the colour gifted by the flowers outside my window that remind me every day of my blessings, and the utter beauty Earth gives us all. I have a little garden that I love, and am continually evolving it using permaculture to see what riches of Earth’s joy I can co-create with nature.

I write using conscious attunement, to bring through what I am given from the inner world of wisdom. I hope you will read further and explore, and that what you read will touch your heart and inspire you to live from your truth, strength, and hope, and help co-create a better world for us all.

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