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Hope in Our Hearts

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The Evolution of Love


These times of extraordinary change require us to live and work differently. To do this, we need more heart consciousness through which we gain understanding and alignment with the bigger picture, and can energise the positive changes we hope for and need to create a better future for us all.

Our mission

… is to help you awaken more heart, deepen your consciousness, and open to your soul so you can act with greater purpose and impact in the world.

We offer

… a growing library of new teachings and exploratory articles on the following themes, as well as heart-focussed practices, to nourish, develop and inspire you to take the next steps on your path of heart and make your difference in the world.


Evolution of Love

about the deeper cause and intention of the great changes happening in our personal and global world


what is it in this era of heart awakening, and the choices we have that are so important in developing more consciousness


a place within our being, and within Earth, where we can align with and be nourished by our soul and the global evolutionary intent

Living Earth

how and why we must deepen our relationship and cooperation with our beautiful Earth, to co-create our future

The Law

Spiritual Law defines the path of evolution. In this time of great change, the Law is changing – and we must learn the new laws to align with our soul’s intent and heart’s journey.


a guide to the conscious choices, practices and experiences for clearing old patterns and walking a path of heart

Greater Hearts

helping you feel and know the energy embrace of the many great beings who guide, nourish and uplift us


Start in your Heart

A journey of heart consciousness cannot be taken by knowledge and insight alone. You must feel it.

Our Start in Your Heart guided attunement is a good place to start. It will help you feel and experience your heart consciousness, and renew, heal, clear and uplift your daily life.

See all our practices to help you awaken heart, heal and replenish yourself.

You can also view all our recent posts, explore via the key words in the sidebar, or use the search function to find what you seek.

Enjoy and shine!

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