Transmissions are texts that are given by a combination of energy intention and direct dictation from Masters or, more usually, their assistants, angels and other beings of light on the inner levels of consciousness.

I (Ann) write the transmissions in conscious attunement with these beings, using my spiritual training and knowledge to discern the qualities and nuances of the energy vibrations given, as best I can, and my clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairncognisant skills to perceive the intention and meaning contained within them. I always tune in carefully and ensure the source is of a higher vibration, and not from some mischievous or ill-intentioned being on the inner.

I have been educated and trained to work this way since I began my spiritual journey with my teacher Ananda, in 1983. However, even though I have such training, it is rarely easy and straightforward. Transmissions come in many ways, and they frequently exercise my capacity to be as completely aligned as I would like. Sometimes I don’t feel I can grasp the words or the meaning clearly enough, sometimes my own reactions come up and I have to push them to the side. That is the simple reality of being here in a physical world, striving to bridge into a higher spiritual place.

The stream of energy for each transmission comes filled with the intention and knowledge of the topic being given, and fills the space in which I sit and write. Sometimes I have some familiarity with the topic, but mostly the information is completely new to me. Sometimes it comes in a flow of poetry, sometimes like a story, sometimes like a lesson, sometimes it is like a 3D movie in full colour.

Often I have to search hard to find words that align with the intention being conveyed, and sometimes it comes with such intense energy it is hard to find adequate words at all. Whatever way it is given, even if really clearly, turning it into a linear expression of words invariably means there are nuances I cannot fit in, and so sometimes there is meaning left between the lines. I welcome your questions if you would like anything clarified, and I will do my best to do so. Please use the comments area under the post your query is about.

I do not name the source unless specifically asked to do so, which usually only happens where the purpose is also to help you get to know the being(s) involved. Often it is a small group which is preparing and conveying the information, and there is neither interest from them, nor any outer purpose served, in my seeking and giving their names.

What is essential to know is that if “I” or “me” is used in any transmission, it’s not me, but the being giving the transmission.

What is also essential to know is that I do not offer these transmissions to be used in any absolute sense. Words are a wonderful tool with which to communicate. They can be inspiring and informing, they can stimulate our consciousness to grow, and help us become better beings on this Earth. But they can also be used to create limitation, restriction and oppression if used without awareness and loving intent. I find it unfortunate when people speak words from their religion or doctrine as if they are the absolute, definitive, exacting words of truth from above.

Every word written on this Earth has not only been formed through a human consciousness living in our physical world, but the meaning has been formed within the spiritual, religious, political, social and racial context of the time. Words are neither perfect tools of expression, nor exact in their meaning, and many have multiple definitions, or their meaning has changed over time. In addition, what is written is then interpreted within the personal context and consciousness of the reader.

So, please do not consider these transmissions as exact and absolute. Whatever or whomever the source and the scribe, spiritual energy and wisdom are only useful when you find the meaning that resonates for you and your journey.

I encourage you to read the transmissions with an open heart and mind, and let your perception, intuition and consciousness nourish you with what is meaningful to you, guide you to what informs your personal and spiritual growth, and help you on the ever-loving path of evolution.

This is our conscious development on Earth, where we must exercise discernment and choice to take our next step.

I hope you find inspiration and nourishment through what is given, but if not, be happy, and move on. That is why we have so many teachers and teachings in our world, to help all of us journey forward on our diverse pathways.

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