The world is changing, with many crises emerging. We believe the force driving this change in the world is the awakening heart, the evolution of love. To do this, it must flow through humanity’s hearts as we are the necessary co-creators of this evolution of Earth.

We established Heart for Change to support people who are choosing to be conscious agents of change in the world. The Earth is renewing and us with it, creating an urgent need for change in every aspect of life.

We offer people who are yearning to make the world a better place diverse ways to walk a path of heart and renewal. 

We aim to inspire and support you to increase your sense of purpose, to help you provide your service to the world, and to maintain your hope in the face of resistance and barriers that come internally and externally in your life.

Through Heart for Change, we share our insight, knowledge, practices and lived experience on this path of heart and renewal.  We’ll support you to deepen your connection to heart and soul, walk the path of renewal and energise your purpose in the world.

About Us

Ann & Brenton
Ann & Brenton

We have shared a deep and transformative path of personal and spiritual development since the early 80’s. We have followed the Western esoteric tradition taught by our teacher, Ananda, manifested through spiritual wisdom and outward service to the Earth.

Since the late 90’s, we have run retreats, meditations and Earth healing, and have developed and taught courses on practical spiritual and related personal growth subjects in many countries.

Our own spiritual journey has been challenging at times, while always being a marvellous gift, expansive and uplifting of our consciousness. While the grittiness of the journey cannot be denied – as that is what life offers – an active path of change has meant that no spiritual bypassing was allowed!

Heart work and renewal gives us both hope, and allow us to fulfil our own purpose, provide our service, and support others who wish to do the same.

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